This is the compartment where I publish the most important events that happen 2 me...

5 February 2003

::. I think that u've all noticed that I've added some more information 2 my webpage. 1st of all I made English and Romanian versions. Hmm... some more compartments apeared... Like a little poll, monthly stats or Hardware. And I think that u all noticed my little design change . And now I'm working on some articles that will help everybody in making his personal web page, without having any knowledge at the beginning. So I'm working on some tutorials.

26 January 2003

::. Today I've added one more set of pics 2 my Photo Gallery and I think that these pics are the most original from my whole gallery. Click here 4 viewing them... It's all about my... eyes

.: And, with one of my eyes, I've made a logo 4 a management program made by an ASE professor.

.: It looks something like this :

And this is my eye

23 January 2003

::. I would like 2 apologize 4 my quite long absence. Meanwhile I've studied a little bit, and I made 2 more web pages : - This is my last project and it's about "Sfantul Dumitru" Church from Chisinau City... I don't know what 2 say about this project... I think that it is quite ... But anyway... When u have some free time, check it out.

.: - This is Moxa's Web Page

.: Hmmm... And something else... I've published the  largest set of pics from my web page... 101 pics Convince yourselves

.: I've made a presentation 4 AIESEC, and many other things, that I'll publish later, c0z` of the l@ck of time that I have :/ Have 2 give some exams (4, c0z` I already gave 1... But still, I don't know my mark) The only marks that I know are :

And that's kinda all.. stick around... .::

27 October 2002

::. Finished my web page... the 1.4 th version. Click here 4 the old version.

.: Stick around

.: Gone 2 sleep...